You should have a general house cleaning of your mind. You must take everything out of your room and clean it thoroughly. If it is necessary, you may bring everything back in again. You may want many things, so one by one you can bring them back. But if they are not necessary, there is no need to keep them. Shunryu Suzuki—Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind

The same for this website. Many old things are gone. Only the good few remain. With the change in season, new things will appear, they will be good. By June 20th a fullness will return.


Undervalued Benefits

After years of collaborating at the hottest up and coming advertising agency in the Midwest I’ve found one of the greatest undervalued benefits is our location.

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Creative Strategies From Real Creatives

Most individuals believe they are creative, but evidence proves this just is not true. Even people in the creative business aren’t creative. Working with real creatives is a different beast, but it doesn’t have to be frustrating.

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Earth Day Difference Maker

As we celebrate and inspire positive change for all life on our planet this Earthday; see how Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies is making a difference.

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Yvon Chouinard : Power of One

Once in a while a timeless marketing message pierces through the noise and resonates on multiple levels and across multiple boundaries.

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Noble Fries Agency Web Tradition

I was recently impressed when I came across a bold direction that decorated food service advertising agency, Noble, in Springfield, Missouri took with their new online approach.

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